Paint Party Tickets

$35.00 - $700.00
Paint Party Tickets

Book your Paint Party presented by Monde Studios today! You provide the venue, we provide the fun! We will bring the canvas, easels, brushes, some non-alcoholic beverages or light refreshments and teach you how to create a piece of artwork all your own, all on your own!

Book your party today for your friends, job, group, or anyone. Minimum of 8 people. Join the fun today!

Terms and Conditions
A potential paint party host must reach out to Monde Studios via the contact form before purchasing tickets. Date and time availability will be discussed between host and artist and will determine a date for the party. For groups that will purchase their tickets individually, a group code will be given to the host and each member of the party will need to use that code when purchasing their ticket. Final ticket purchases must be made by all party members no later than 5 business days before the scheduled date. If the 8 person minimum is not met, the host may be charged an additional fee equal to the number of participants less than 8. All sales are final and must be paid before the event. If the total is paid by one purchaser, they will buy the number of tickets needed for their party. Monde Studios is not responsible for anyone that does not attend and shall not be held responsible for collecting individual guest payments.

For non-profits, you will need to be sent an invoice, in order to use tax exemption.